Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Cuckoos of the World

I got a spanking new copy of the newly published Cuckoos of the World for free!

Authored by Johannes Erritzoe, Clive F Mann, Frederik Brammer and Richard A Fuller, and publised by Christopher Helm, it describes all 144 species of the bird family Cuculidae including cuckoos, malkohas, couas, coucals, roadrunners and other species in exceptional detail. This includes accurate range maps, superb illustrations by four world-renowned artists to show different plumages and sub-species.

And photographs of almost all species, which includes three contributed by me. They are of Sirkeer Malkoha, Red-faced Malkoha and Indian Cuckoo.

A Red-faced Malkoha devouring a Mega Stick Phobaeticus hypharpax (Westwood, 1859) photographed in December 2004, using Nikon Coolpix 4500 point and shoot camera through a Kowa TSN 823 telescope appears in Page 243 in the Cuckoos of the World.

This explains how I got this freebie!

In the bibiliography it also refers to one of my papers on the feeding ecology of Red-faced Malkoha, which was nice. The book represents the definitive and most up-to-date reference on the identification of cuckoos.

The Sirkeer Malkoha in page 238 in the Cuckoos of the World was taken using my point and shoot Nikon Coolpix 5100, while guiding Dave Thrussel and Chris Holtby in March, 2010.

A big thank you to Jim  Martin, Project Editor of this book for seeking my images, and to my clients who were with me when I photographed these birds (Red-faced Malkoha duing the Christmas Bird Tour, Dec 2004 to January 2005;  Dave Thrussel and Chris Holtby, March, 2010).

Hello to all!


GG said...

Bravo!! and well done!

Was wondering why you've been so silent lately, thought you might have gotten lost in a jungle thicket somewhere :-)

silent moments said...

Congrats and welcome back !

I hope this reward will increase your posting frequency :)

Amila Salgado said...

Thank you, GG!
Good to hear from you.
Haha to 'getting lost in a thicket somewhere.':) No, it wasn't the case! I was busy with house repairs.


Thank you, Patali!

Yes, hopefully. :)

Stuart Price said...


We only get 4 species of Cuckoo here, none of them rare and anyway I don't have any decent pics of them.......

Janith said...

Hey Amila, this is wonderful news! :D

Was wondering myself where you were, no update about Rugby season even! :O Glad to have you back! :D

Amila Salgado said...

Thank you, Stu!

We have four times that total!
It used to be 17, but one was taken off the list.


Thank you, Janith!

Hahaha, I have been watching all our rugby matches--even going to Kandy twice. I didn't do any ruby photography this season, as it distracts me from so many other things.

Glad to be back!

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