Saturday, 17 November 2012

Guiding Yumi

I guided Yumiko Hatori from Japan in September. It was a two-day natural history tour to Sinharaja.
Not familar with Japanese names, when I went to pick up, I expected a bloke. But, Yumi turned out to be very much a girl. She was on a solo backpacking trip. And this tour was done at the begining of her Sri Lankan adventure. Yumi had a brand new point and shoot camera that she was keen try out on smaller forms of live. To keep matters simple, I left my big lens and went only with my 100mm lens + flash.

We rain into some wet weather.

Luckily, no client has ever complained about rain at Sinharaja. But sometimes it worries me. Would anybody ever ask for a refund after running into wet weather at Sinharaja? What is a suitable disclaimer to include in my itinerary? The rain forest at Sinharaja rain forest can be rainy most of the time?

With the rain as a catalyst, the forest was teeming with all forms of life.
The venture capitalist Yumi got great value for her money.

The Green Pit Viper


The Plum Judy

Sri Lanka Cascader

Kangaroo Lizard

Mr. Mantis

Glad-eye Bushbrown

Green Vine Snake or should it be Green Vine-snake?

Shinning Gossammerwing 

Red Skimmer (Sorry, I don't like its other name.)

Mrs. Sri Lanka Frogmouth

On the birding front, other than the usual suspects, my top highlight was a vocal Legge's Hawk Eagle at the Morapitiya rain forest on the way to Sinharaja. It was perched atop a 40 meter canopy giant, and afforded stunning views through my scope.
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