Monday, 7 September 2009

ID challenge-1

ID challenge

This is a

A. fish

B. tadpole

C. gecko

D. snake

E: nymph of a dragonfly

The first person to comment the correct answer will receive a MP3 audio recording of the song of the Spot-winged Thrush, which can be used as a ring tone in your mobile phone.

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Gemma Wiseman said...

I am no good at these guesses! But I'll try! I'm going to say a gecko! Intriguing shot!

betty-NZ said...

I have no idea at all what it could be, but I like the photo! I'll go with tadpole.

Shady Character said...

Since "spotty, slimy thing with eyes" isn't a choice I'll go with tadpole.

(Excellent image, by the way)

Kirigalpoththa said...


If mine is correct, i want the sound of Spot-bellied Eagle-owl from your collection.


Dee said...

I'm guessing nymph of a dragonfly...

John Carlson said...

Knowing you I would suspect that it is a dragonfly nymph, but I am going to have to go with my first impression - a mudskipper fish of some species?

Stuart Price said...

I'd say a tadpole too...........

rainfield61 said...

It must be a gecko.

flowergirl said...


kanishkauku said...

It's a tadpole of Nannophrys sp, I think! Since they are the only terrestrial tadpoles in SL.

Anonymous said...


Ha ha, I actually expect it is a tadpole but noticed no one guessed snake so I thought I'd give D. it's spot in the limelight!

Nice shot!

Jessie at Blog Schmog

Unknown said...

Ha ha! Tadpole of the Galpara gemba. So tadpole it is!!!
Or am I not allowed to comment?

jay said...

My guess is fish!! Although it could be a tadpole ... Both those guesses are taken anyway, so I suppose it doesn't matter if i can't choose just one! LOL!

Amila Salgado said...

Hi GT,
Good try! It does look very much a Gecko but sadly it is not the correct answer!

Hi Bettyl,
Congratulations! You are the winner for you answered it first!
Please drop me an e-mail: and I will e-mail you the audio clip.

I hope the Kiwis will play a good game of cricket today in the curtain raiser of the Tri Nations.

Hi SC,
Well done! Glad you got it right!
Thanks for dropping by.

Hi K,
Your answer is correct but you are not the winner! No problem, I will give you that bird call requested anyway.

Hi Dee,
Good attempt! Sadly it is not correct, but please take my ID challenges in the future.

Hi John,
I can understand why some of you fell for my well laid out dragonfly nymphy trap!

Yes, it does look remarkably like a mudskimmer too and that was one of the answers that I was going to suggest. Thanks for commenting!

Hi Stu,

Hi Rainfield,
We do have a gecko species like that though.

Hi flowergirl,
Good try! Thanks for taking the challenge.

Hi Kanishka,
It is a tadpole of Nannophrys ceylonensis. You are bloody clever!

Hi Jessie,
Good try! It works sometimes when you think out of the box!

Hi Chandanie,
I should have mentioned that tour participants who saw this being photographed cannot comment! It should be Gal Para Madiya, BTW.

Hi Jay,
Make up your mind! Good on ya for getting one of your answers correct!

Harshi said...

Geez this is tough. That one looks like a hybrid of a mudskipper and a frog! i.e. if such a thing exists.. lol It looks more like a tadpole since mudskippers have big eyes popping out of their body.

And I think it can't be C, D and E.. cuz of its shape and that slimy skin that is so like a frog's. =D

Tabib said...

Strange looking Tadpole with all that white marking.
Congratulation to winner! ;) (Bettyl)

Kirigalpoththa said...

Thats very kind of you Amila :)))

My email -

Well done Bettyl!
Kiwis giving us a good game today :)

Amila Salgado said...

Hi Harumi,
I know what you mean!
I will show later on how I was postitioned when I took this photograph.

Hi Tabib,
Those white markings help it to blend well into the moist and shiny rock surfaces.

Hi K,
No worries. Kiwis were thrashed, once again!

Harshi said...

Thanks G and sure. oh and Congratz Betty!

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