Sunday, 1 June 2008

Birding Blog Carnival Quiz – Winners No. 2 & 3.

We have two lucky winners for the second and third prizes of the quiz that I had on the I and the Bird #75 - Birding blog carnival that I hosted.

The first prize was won by Julie Bourque from Canada who chose Traces of Eden by Nishantha Gunawardena, a fantastic coffee table book with exeptional wilderness photographs & travel notes of an adventure across all 50 states in the US!

The second and the third prizes were picked by my 3 ½ year old niece Venara Phillips in a draw.

And the 2nd prize winner is...drumroll please...Pieter van der Luit from the Netherlands. Pierter runs a birding tour company over there named Birding Holland and he wins The Color of Serendipity by Nishantha Gunawardena, which was picked as one of the Top Photography Books for 2007 by the Shutterbug magazine.

And finally, our 3rd lucky winner is…drumroll please…Ravi Corea from New Jersey, US. Ravi is the Founder/President of the Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society and he walks away with The Lost Dynasty, which I am sure he will enjoy immensely.

Congradulations to both winners!

The winner are expected to make short speeches here via comments to claim their prizes.

That concludes this award ceremony. Thank you for visiting it.

And now…back to regular programming.

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Anonymous said...

Waiting for the applause to fade...

Amila sent me a link to blog for I and the Bird. Of course I had seen his blog before, but I and the Bird was new to me.
I happened to be working at the computer when the mail came in and I immediately answered all 27 questions.

But alas, too fast: I didn't have all the correct answers, but I still managed to get second place.
Not bad for a beginner, but what's even better: After reading so many wonderful blogs on birding, I decided to start one as well!

One simple e-mail from Amila resulted in two good things: a wonderful second prize (the book "The color of Serendipity) and yet another birding blog (

Thanks for hosting the carnival Amila!

Anonymous said...

My best wishes to the I and the Bird #75 and to Amila Salgado for doing such a great job in getting people to read through all the interesting blogs by organizing a birding blog carnival and challenging everyone to a quiz. While I am glad to be a quiz winner I really enjoyed reading through all the blogs and it is very encouraging to see the number of people who are interested as well as concerned about the future survival of birds. I wish all of them the very best in their future endeavors.

Amila Salgado said...

Hi Peter,
Thanks for participating in the quiz and for your speech. I am glad to hear that you have started your own blog as a result! Good luck with it! I have already linked to it.

I hope you will enjoy "The Color of Serendipity" when you receive it in a few days!

Hi Ravi,
Thanks for participating in the quiz and for your speech, once again. I am glad that you enjoyed the I and the bird #75 - Birding Blog Carnival that I hosted.

I am sure you would enjoy "The Lost Dynasty" immensely as I know it would be your type of a book! I am also sure you will have "plenty of things to discuss" if/when you bump into my cousin; Nishantha who wrote this great book.

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