Sunday, 9 December 2007

Dragons in my garden Part 1

starring Elusive Adjutant adult male

The foremost expert on Sri Lankan dragonflies and damselflies is not a Sri Lankan. He is a Slovenian named Matjaž Bedjanič who had studied these insects for his PhD. I regularly correspond with him to supply data and to get the IDs confirmed of the dragonflies and damselflies that I photograph in the field. One of these photographed by me in Sinharaja rain forest, turned out to be a new species and is awaiting formal description!

Elusive Adjutant adult female

My garden has over 20 species of them; some quite colourful. Shown here are three photographs of one of those garden delights; the extremely beautiful Elusive Adjutant aka Black-headed Basker (Aethriamanta brevipennis), which is listed as a highly scarce resident. This is found regularly in my garden and is quite photogenic.

Elusive Adjutant young male


oldcrow61 said...

Over 20 species of Dragons in your garden...WOW! We seem to have only one here although I must take a closer look come summer. I've been trying to get some pictures of them but unfortunately they never seem to land anywhere. Your pictures are wonderful.

Amila Salgado said...

Thanks! Yes the diversity here is quite good. Photographing them intially may look daunting due to the reason you have mentioned.
The key is you should be 100% focused on getting them, not letting other life forms distract you! This is easier said than done! With a bit of patient chasing and waiting, you could take good macro shots. To get them to land, the best thing to do is to place sticks in your garden ideally closed to a water body, if available.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Great photographs Amila, Thanks.

Amila Salgado said...

Thanks rhythmic!

oldcrow61 said...

Thanks Amila for the information. I do have a stream running down the property. I'm looking forward to trying the sticks when summer comes.

Bea said...

it takes me back to my wee house by the river, I must have spent hours watching the dragonflies, don't know that there were 20 different kinds, but certainly lots. I never got any photos, yours are great.

Susan Gets Native said...

I recently got into dragonflies and I am constantly amazed at how many there are!

Beautiful photos!

Lady divine said...

Another photographer..:-) nice work..

Amila Salgado said...

Oldcrow61, Good luck! Look forward to seeing your photos next summer. I wish I had a stream running down in my place!

bea, glad you enjoyed them. I bet you would have had a few goodies over there. Thanks for your comments.

Susan, It seems like a lot of birders take a liking to them! Thanks for your comments. Look forward to seeing your photos!

lady divine, Thanks! Nice to hear from you!

Charlie said...

Hi Amila
Just found your blog - superb (I was going to use a really long word for your scrabble games but I'm afraid "superb" will have to do). If I ever get over to Sri Lanka I'll definitely be hiring you as a guide.
All the best

Amila Salgado said...

Hi Charlie,
Great to hear your comments! I will be delighted to guide you around. And beat you in Scrabble!

c.susanth said...

thanx Matjaž Bedjanič for your information..i am C.Susanthkumar from Kerala,India..i am interested in birds and butterflies and conducting studies on it.Recently dragonflies and damselflies attract my attention and nowadays i am trying to identify the species i photographed earlier..i need your help too..thanx for ur informations about dragon flies and damselflies..

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