Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Migrant update

Migrants have begun to arrive. I heard my first Blue-tailed Bee-eaters on 23 Sep., over my house and saw three of them the following day at my local wetland patch. An Asian Brown Flycatcher was heard in my backyard three days ago. Yesterday, I had my first Forest Wagtail walking gracefully in a woody corner. Now, that is one bird I need to photograph. But, the question is—how to do it—as it never seem to wait long enough for digi-scoping. May be I'll try one with my Lumix. The Brown-breasted Flycatcher and the Himalayn avian jewel, Indian Pitta are due soon. I 'maintain' a patch in a corner of my yard in a pretty wild state to invite in the latter, which is a high-profile migrant (for me).

I am pretty sure it will accept my invitation this year too. It will be in good company with the endemic Clubtail: Sri Lanka Forktail. I didn't include any images in this post as images are already in this blog for most of the 'things' mentioned here. Please click on their names if you would like to see how they look.


Anonymous said...

You know your birds!

Gallicissa said...

Thanks you sir!
I like to think that way!

Java Jones said...

I saw the first Grey Wagtail on the 13th, and when I checked for the first sighting in my last year's list it was spotted on the 12th - pretty close, huh? The next 'Grey' was spotted a few days later. The Forest Wagtail was spotted on the 28th - and this was the same day last year when it was spotted for the first time!!

Waiting for the Pitta and Banded Crake.

Gallicissa said...

You've got Banded Crake coming over there?

*A deep sigh of jealousy*

How come you never mentioned this before?

Grey Wags never seem to stop over in my area and it always seem to prefer the interiors. Yeah, it is really interesting to see the arrival and departure dates of migrants. Pleased to know that you recorded the Forest Wag on the same dates in two consecutive years. I did it with B-t Bee-Eaters.

So, our Forest Wag arrival dates are pretty much the same - interesting.

Let me know when you get the Pitta and Banded Crake (Slaty-legged Crake) via a comment under this post, please.

p.s. I should also get the the Asian Paradise Flycatcher (white and red morphs & Bright Green Warbler (P.nitidus) and Brown Shrike turning up in my garden anytime soon.

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