Friday, 29 August 2008


A Tuktuk in Sri Lanka
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Bobbie said...

I am more interested in the tree than in the tuktuk -- wondering what kind of tree it is...

Titania said...

Thank you for your visit.
It is quite an interesting picture you have submitted for SWF.
A very stormy sky, a watery grey landscape dominated by a filigre tree and something unexpected a tuktuk!

gaz said...

great shot my friend. love the silhouette...

Tabib said...

Nice pic!

What are there under the tree?
The birds flock or leaves.

SandyCarlson said...

I love the perspective here. We are so puny alongside these marvels of nature!

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Fantastic picture Amila.

bobbie said...

I really love this tree silhouetted against the pretty sky.

Gallicissa said...
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Pat - An Arkansas Stamper said...

I very much enjoyed this Sky Watch silhouette photo. I have some general idea of the size of a tuktuk; the tree must be quite large! I clicked on the photo and was linked to your most interesting and well written article on the search for the Bay Owl.

Christopher said...

Great shot - and excellent photography in general. Just found your blog (thanks you the kind words about mine) and I can tell I am really going to enjoy reading your past posts as well as the future ones.

Maria said...

Hallo gallicissa, I love your picture very much, mainly because of this wonderful trees. It makes a lovely shilouette against the cloudy sky. And the tuktuk is just a special effect :)
I'd like to know how this tree looks when it is not dark?

Bradley Myers said...

Great photo and good capture. Thanks for stopping by.

imac said...

Nature at its best.

Indrani said...

Great silhouettes. Your shot was on time. :)

Louise said...

Fantastic photograph. I love the contrast in size of the tuktuk and the tree. But is there a person leaning on the tree? There is a whole story in this one, silhetted photo. Very nice.

Anonymous said...

I really like this. Stark, simple, beautiful.

peppylady said...

I like it when people add something to there sky shots it adds a picture story.

Mine is up and if have find the time stop on by.

Coffee is always on.

PJ said...

I would love to have a tuktuk, I've been wanting a smallish truck for ever so long. I bookmarked your birding blog as it looks really amazing and I want to spend some time reading the text. This is a fabulous SWF photo!

Java Jones said...

Lovely shot Amila. This had to be taken in the dry zone for the Palu to be in it. The tuktuk being there - sheer serendipity!

lucy said...

I love the is beautiful. Nice photo and the tuktuk makes a great contrast.

Gallicissa said...

Hi Bobbie,
Thanks for the visit. The tree is an evergreen species with edible fruits named Manilkara hexandra., which is known by a variety of common names in its range in Asia. Local name in Sri Lanka is Palu.

Hi Titania,
I am glad you liked by submission for this SWF. Its just that one of these ubiquitous tuktuks went pass when I was shooting this tree...!

Thanks Gaz,
Have a good weekend!

Good spot, Tabib!
Those are some water birds.

Hi Sandy,
Indeed, nice observation!

Thanks, RD!
The tuktuk was unexpected.

Hi Bobbie,
Glad you like it. Have a super weekend!

Hi Pat,
Yep, the tree is a big one. There is a man leaning against the tree and you can get an idea from that too. I am glad you enjoyed my first blog post that I cunningly linked to this tuktuk shot!

Hi Christopher,
Thanks a lot! I am pleased to hear your comments. I will be back to explore your wonderful birding blog too. I added a link to make it easier.

Hi Maria,
I will share a shot of this taken at daylight in exactly a year’s time when I will visit the same site again. This was taken from dried up section of a bed of an ancient reservoir, which remains covered in water during late October – March during following monsoonal rains to that part of the country. So chances of framing such a shot during this period is unlikely even if I visit there at right light.

Hi Bradley,
Thanks! Pleased to hear from you.

Hi imac,
Thanks! Good to hear from you.
Have a good weekend!

Thanks, Indrani!
I am glad I timed it well.

Hi Louise,
Thanks! I am glad you liked it. Yes, there is a man leaning against the tree.
Great spotting once again! I am glad you decoded the story!

Thanks, Wren!
I am glad you liked it.

Hi peppylady,
Indeed. It is nice when the SWF picture tells a story. I will drop by in yours for sure.

Hi PJ,
Thanks! A tuktuk will be really handy for you in that case!
I am pleased to hear your comments. I promise I will be back to explore your blog.

Thanks Java!
You are dead right it was in the dry zone - at Weerawila. I am pleased that I was able to freeze the moving tuktuk while trying to frame the tree silhouette.

Hi Lucy,
Thanks! You are never too far from tuktuks in Sri Lanka!

Sarah Schwerin said...

Gorgeous photo! Love this shot. Great SWF pic! Thanks for popping by my blog! :)

Maria said...

Hallo again, thanks for visiting my site. Oh that would be nice if you could revisite the beautiful tree. Funny to imagine that you have to wait half a year until monsoon season is over!
Here in Central Europe water is far more "tamed", but in the last years we repeatedly have heavy storms and rains and many rivers burst their banks or dams and cause a lot of damage.
Have a nice weekend!

Gallicissa said...

Thanks, Sarah!
I am pleased to hear your comments. Have a good weekend!

Hi again Maria,
If I could visit the site before mid October, I may be able to attempt it. However, I do not have any scheduled trips to that area before mid Oct.

We too have had a lot of rain in the 'wet zone' that I live this year. But it isn't the same in the 'dry zone' where I shot this.

Tootie said...

Very interesting reading and beautiful photos.

Arija said...

What a wonderful find your blog is for me. That tree with the nest is beautiful against the sky, and the tuk tuk awakens very pleasant memories of Sri Lanka. Your nature photos hold me spellbound. Unfortunately our connection is super slow, when it is beefed up I will come back and soak up all that beauty.

Gallicissa said...

Thanks, Tootie!
Have a great week!

Hi Arija,
Thanks a lot! I am happy to read your comments. Nice to know that my pic brought back memories of Sri Lanka. You have a lovely blog and I will be back to explore it more.

gail said...

Love your blog - the world is filled with so many wonders, thank you for showing me more!

Modesto Viegas said...

Excellent picture!!!

Gallicissa said...

Thanks, Modesto!
Have a good day!

Tommy V said...

I am catching up on some of my swf sites. I really like your photo it has some much to offer

Kathiesbirds said...

I love the silhouette of this tree and from all the comments and narrative I guess a tuktuk is a type of vehicle? It's a fun word.

Anonymous said...


Gallicissa said...

Hi tommy and Kathie,
Thanks! Tuktuk is a three-wheeled taxi - by default in our part of the world. It is named onomatopoeically after the sound it produces when the engine is running, which is like.."tuk-tuk..tuk-tuk.. "

This was in the 2-stroke typed ones. The newer 4-stroke type ones do not produce the authentic 'tuk-tuk' noise anymore but they do not pollute air as much the 2-stroke ones.

Read the following:

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