Friday, 1 May 2009

Nannophrys ceylonensis

Nanophrys ceylonensis


Tabib said...

Great photo of this vulnerable toad.
Nice camouflaged

Azahari Reyes @ Jason a.k.a horukuru said...

Wow, well camo !!!

Kalusudda said...

WOW!, How did you manage to notice him/her? (I want to win the next contest! :)

oldcrow61 said...

Wow, now that really is camouflage.

Dale Forbes said...

now that is a toad!

Happy birding

Gallicissa said...

Hi Tabib,
This one goes as Sri Lanka Rock Frog and it belongs to the family Ranidae to which true frogs belong as opposed to Bufonidae to which toads belong. Despite it superficially appearing a toad, it is not one.

Hi Horukuru,
Yes, it shows great protective resemblance.

Hi Kalu,
They are there to be seen if you look at the right spots in the rain forest - moist rock surfaces and such crevices.

As always, you are welcome to contest for my quizzes!

Hi OC,
Indeed, this was the only one i could find in a stretch that I searched.

Hi Dale,
Please see my reply to Tabib!
It seems to have some features shared with toads I agree.

Doug Taron said...

I would have also said toad. As always, I bow don before your photography. Off to find out the real anatomical differences between frogs and toads. Obviously warty looking skin is not sufficient to separate the two groups.

Anonymous said...

Wow. What an amazing photo. I struggled for a minute to figure out what I was looking for. Thank goodness it has eyes

Gallicissa said...

Hi Doug,
Thanks! It is dwells in moist rock surfaces and crevices where it also lays eggs. And it is very a flat frog. Yes, "Warty Skin" is not too good a feature to seperate frogs and toads!

Hi Bev,
Thanks! I still haven't yet got the photo that I like to take -- a head on shot close up shot. This would require me getting wet and dirty on slippery rock surfaces...

Kirigalpoththa said...

Amazing photo! took some time to lacate the frog :)

Gallicissa said...

Hi K,
Thanks! You can look for it on your treks in the lowland wet zone.

Kirigalpoththa said...

Will do next time :) Thanks mate!

Gallicissa said...

No worries, K!

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