Saturday, 17 January 2009

Think Orange!

Dawn Dropwing Trithemis aurora male photographed at my dragonfly pond today. A post about this pond will be done in a few days time.


Owlman said...

Looks like a Robocop invention - very cool.

Patrick Belardo said...

One of my dreams is to have a dragonfly pond. Very artistic shot.

Tabib said...

Lovely Holland jersey colour. ;)

spookydragonfly said...

He's handsome! Can't wait for that post...all of your hard work will pay off. Being around your "own" dragons everyday, the friendlier species will land right on you and your camera. I'm so excited for you!...(but you already knew that).

Gallicissa said...

Glad you think so, Owlman!
This species visited the pond for the first time on Saturday. Still no sighting of a female, but expect one will turn up soon.

Hi Patrick,
A dragonfly pond will give you many happy moments. This photo looks a lot better at flickr.

Indeen, Tabib!

Hi Kim,
Yes he is! I know you have been eagerly awaiting that post!
You are absolutely right, it is a good feeling to be "working" with my "own" dragons!

I know you will really like the next dragon shots that I am going to post!

DeeCee said...


Gallicissa said...

Thanks DeeCee.
All the best with your new blog home!

mboi said...

hi amila, try some local fish to control the mosquitoes. i used to keep some giant danios i caught from a nearby creek, it's very entertaining to watch them circle under mosquitoes on the water surface and then suddenly strike from the depths. we would also swat mosquitoes and drop them on the water surface just to see the fish come and grab them. and don't ever introduce any livebearers like mosquitoe fish, they breed like crazy and completely take over.

Gallicissa said...

Hi mboi,
Long time no see!
As mentioned in my post above, I have used local fish as you have advised. A shoal of Giant Danio aka. Malabar Danio is already swimming in the pond.

That hunting method sounds like the way how some of whales work together to hunt for fish! Interesting observation!

I too didn't feel like having Mosquitoe fish Gambusia affinisas it is an introduced species and will spoil the native spirit of my pond!

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