Friday, 12 September 2008

Sky Watch Friday

This was photographed at Yala National Park in Sri Lanka—the best location in Asia to see Leopards. If you use your binoculars, you may be able see a pair of Great Thick-knees in the lower middle.

Can't see?

Okay, here's a scope view of one of them.

Great Thick-knee
No, it isn't the prettiest bird in Sri Lanka.


Lara said...

beautiful sky watch! the sky inhabitant adds value too :)!

Bobbie in Hawaii said...

I'd love to see a leopard, but for now a Great Thick-knee will do. ;-}

Tabib said...

Yes I can see Great Thick-knees, but where is the Leopards? :-)

vincibene said...

Beautiful view!
I also looked your other pictures from dragonflies, owl, leopard and so on, they are excellent!

Greyscale Territory said...

The colours in your first pic are so vibrant! And that bird is simply amazing! I have neverseen one before!

SandyCarlson said...

That is a beautiful place, to be sure!

Sarah Schwerin said...

Lovely photo! Happy SWF! :)

Anonymous said...

Leopards by the beach? I have always imaged them lounging in trees. Huh. I like Thick-Knees, I saw them in India at a bird preserve in Kerala. My guide did not speak much English and he kept pointing at his knees. In the end we were both laughing hysterically. Bev

Gallicissa said...

Hi Lara,
Thanks! I am glad you liked it. I wish the Thick-knees were clearer in the picture.

Hi Bobbie
If you scroll down a bit in this blog you could see a Leopard too.

Hi Tabib,
Glad you picked the Thick-knees. Follow the instructions above to see the Leopard seen earlier!

Hi vincibene,
I am pleased you liked the scene and my other pics. Thanks for dropping by.

Hi Greyscale Territory,
Thanks! Glad you liked it. Thick-knees are cool birds to see.

Hi Sandy
Yes, Yala is a very special place.

Hi Sarah,
Thanks! Have a good weekend!

Hi Bev,
The vast wilderness expanse of Yala National Park is bordered by the beach in one side.
So, Leopards are at times seen close to the beach, although they prefer the inner reaches of the park where they have their preferred habitat. As a matter of fact, the Leopard pic in this post below was shot very close to the beach resting on a boulder.

Nice to know you saw the Great Thick-knee at Kerala. So that is one bird less for me to show you when you visit Sri Lanka!

Funny how the said guide got the message across. I’ll remember that technique in case if I come across a client who cannot understand my English!

Anonymous said...

That bird has the prettiest yellow eye I have ever seen in a bird or person or cat. LOL.

My Sky Watch Friday blog is at my
Canon Pixels
blog. If you have time I would appreciate your having a look at the sky peeking through the oak tree leaves./a>

Louise said...

I like the bird. And the landscape is so wide. Very nice.

Sara G said...

Wonderful picture and that is a very cool looking bird. Never seen one of those before!
Thanks for commenting on my site, now I am going to scroll down and see the Leopard pic on your site!!
Take care

Indrani said...

Ah!For once it is not dragon flies. Beautiful scenery and lovely close up of the bird. :)

Gardenia said...

What wonderful pictures.

babooshka said...

I would love to see the other birds if this beauty isn't the prettiest. Lvely sky and water capture too.

Gallicissa said...

Hi Abraham,
Thanks! You’re right its yellow eyes are pretty even though it gives it a sleepy look.

H Louise,
Glad you liked it. The bird is generally considered as an ornithological joke for its “severe appearance deficits”!

Hi Sara,
I am happy you think it is a cool bird. Hope you liked my Leopard too.

Hi Indrani,
More dragons are being processed. A big dragonfly post on the way…..!

Hi Gardenia,
Thanks! I like your name.

Hi babooshka,
Be my guest and explore the rest of this blog!
Thanks for dropping by.

Anonymous said...

Oh, rats, I was hoping there would be a leopard in the photo. But I think Mr thick-knees is rather endearingly ugly, and the scenery compelling. The land and sky seem to stretch on forever.

Anonymous said...

Envy, Envy. What a beautiful place and a capture.

Fish Whisperer said...

I missied Yala when I was in Sri Lanka last year, there was fighting going on in the park. I loved Sri Lanka and it many sights. Great SWF shot.

Lisa said...

I enjoyed seeing your picture and the Leopard too, I know I have never had a chance to see one. Thanks for stopping by, I look forward to seeing more of your photos.

don said...

I like the graphic quality of the Yala shot. Beautiful shapes and colors make it an effective image. Fine images.

S.C.E. said...

I actually quite like Thick-knees, seen them in the UK and Australia.

Scrolling down the page there are some pretty nifty dragonfly shots.....

Mary said...

what a treat to see such an unusual bird! Well, unusual for me anyway... Love your skywatch picture!

Gallicissa said...

Hi Wren,
“endearingly ugly” - Good one!
I am keen to hear what you have to say about our Lesser Adjutant. (to be posted)
Scroll down this blog to see my last Leopard shot.

Hi Kalu,
We fail to seize such photo opportunities at Yala as we are often busy chasing Leopards.

Hi Fish Whisperer,
Too bad you missed out on Yala. I bet you took some good photos in Sri Lanka. I will be back to explore your blog.

Hi Lisa,
Thanks! Glad you liked my Leopard and other pics. Now you know where to go to see your first Leopard!

Hi Don,
When I realized that there is a photo opportunity, our jeep had already driven pass this site. So I had to request the driver to stop and ask him to back off before I could frame this shot.

Hi Stu,
I ringed an Indian Thick-knee at Yala and enjoyed handling it. It was very easy to deal with and gave no trouble whatsoever. The dragon shown in the post below is my “test species” through which I acquired the skills necessary to hunt other more challenging types.

Hi Mary,
“Unusual” is a good way to put it. Wait and see my picture of Lesser Adjutant and tell me what you think!

sonia a. mascaro said...

Great photos! This bird of Sri Lanka is very beautiful!

Thanks for your nice comment on my SWF.

Neva said...

What a great view.....

Pat - An Arkansas Stamper said...

Mr. or Mrs. "Knobby-Knees." Interesting bird. 'Scoping does have its advantages!

Enjoyed the Sky Watch photo. I'll be scrolling down through your posts to see the leopard.

Arija said...

Very beautiful post for skywatch with the bonus for bird loves. Tanks.

Gallicissa said...

Hi Neva,
Thanks a lot! I tried to find you sky watch shot but couldn't sorry.

Hi Pat,
Scope views are nice especially with shorebirds that stay a long distance. But we got very close views of it, later on. Hope you'll like my Leopard.

Thanks, Arija!
Good to hear from you. Have a great day!

Parthi said...

The pictures are absolutely great! Even though I haven't been to Yala this gives me a good feeling of actually been there! Thanks for your effort to post these incredible info!

Island Rambles Blog said...

Hi Amila, how are you?, nice to see you back blogging away and the picture is so beautiful of Yala..I clicked to your Flickr site as well...wonderful photos..I really enjoy your posts and am so glad you decided to blog about your life and birds as you live in an exciting make the world so much friendlier also.

sach said...

is this a recent photograph? if so, how is the place now? i've been going there since I was 2 years old but haven't gone there this year. and miss it so much.

Gallicissa said...

Hi Parthi,
Great hear from you! Yala is quite a special place and you should not miss it, the next time you are here.

This pic shows one of the spots where the boxing day tsunami hit the Yala National Park. Thanks a lot for appreciating my efforts.

Hi Ocean,
Good to have you back!
I am doing great, thank you.
I know you are back from your holidays and have been posting pretty stunning photographs. I have lot of envy about the sites yo get to visit! Always lovely to hear your comments.

Hi Sach,
Yes - it was shot on 10 Aug, 2008.
Yala was in great shape.

A lot of soldiers are deployed to ensure the safety of the visitors since the reopening of block 1 in January this year. I visited in Feb, 2008 too. In both times we saw Leopards with the Feb visit producing 2 sightings in two game drives. This was in addition to the other usual suspects. Many overseas tour operators have resumed travel to Yala.

I felt the security, adequate. Wildlife, excellent as always. All the more reason why you should visit this year too!

Mayet said...

this is so beautiful. I love the intense blue color of the water and that cloudless sky,just wonderful.

Gallicissa said...

Thanks, Mayet!
I am glad the shot came off well - it was a quick case of point and shoot.

p.s. Lovely smile in your profile pic!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful SWF photo!

Tommy V said...

great SKW Friday. I am a bit lat but trying to catch up.

Gallicissa said...

Hi Krishu and tommy,
Thanks! Glad to have you too.
Have a great day!

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