Monday, 7 July 2008

Why am I still bird blogging?

A female Red-faced Malkoha with holiding a giant stick insect at Sinharaja 'World Heritage' rain forest -  click on the image to see a PDF of an article that I did before I became a bird blogger
The above is theme for the Third Anniversary edition I and the Bird - the popular birding blog carnival to be hosted at the IATB headquarters; 10,000 birds.
My first love of nature started with birds 18 19 years ago. As with many birders, my interests in other forms of natural history followed naturally, thereafter. This blog was started just nine months ago as an outlet of my vanity a micro-publishing platform to share my passion in birds and natural history. So my life as a bird blogger is still in its infancy when compared with my life as a birder—which is at its restless teens.

Spot-winged Thrush at Kithulgala - click on the image to see a PDF of an article that I did before I became a bird blogger
Blogging is an engaging pursuit. It is also a time consuming one at that. This is particularly true when you also share photographers with the posts. And English is not my first language. Which is why I am a keen student of it. I have made learning English an unending pursuit, trying improve my language skills, and blogging has really helped me in that regard.

The biggest 'setback' for a lack of a better word, caused by bird blogging to me is that it has caused my writings to ornithological publications come to a screeching halt. During my pre-blogging era, I used to be 'normal' and did articles like this, this, this, this and this.

After I started blogging, that aspect has collapsed spectacularly. To be honest, bad time management is the reason for this.

Brown Hawk Owl at my home garden - click on the image to see a PDF of an article that I did before I became a bird blogger
My blog is not my online fieldnote book. So I do not blog about all the bird and natural history observations that I make on a regular basis. I pick what is ‘blogworthy’ and then blog about them. Often the availability of images is important factor that makes me blog about a subject. I in my infancy as a blogger have came to the realization that the happiness at blogging as with other things in life lies in taking the middle path. So, in other words, I endeavour to be a middle-path blogger.

So why am I still bird blogging?

I just love it.


Modesto Viegas said...

Excellent text!!!
Excellent photos!!!
Best regards,

Amila Suwa said...

Thanks Modesto!
Have a good day!

Mississippi Nature said...

Well I am glad you are still her! Please go by my sight and see if you can tell me what kind of bird I have! Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I have had a crazy weekend. I really apreciate you support and readership of my place.

Bea said...

I'm very glad you are still blogging, my only sorrow is that I didn't know about your blog when living in rural Uva province - I'd have pestered you endlessly about all the wildlife I saw but knew nothing about.

Anonymous said...

Gallicissa, I love what you do with birds and nature. I look at birds in a different way (I see them now), after I began reading you. Keep on posting!

Amila Suwa said...

Hi For the people,
Thanks! Had a qyuick look. It looks to be a Loon of some sort. Probably the Common Loon.
I am not familar with N.American birds. I am just about ready to set off on a 2-day tour. I will try to identify it properly upon my return if you do not receive help from home.

Hi Bea,
Thanks a lot! It would have been great to have known you while you were here. Uva is an amazingly endowed with natural beauty and diversity. It would have been very happy to have helped you on your local finds!

Hi Kalusudda,
Thanks a lot! I think you are showing Level 1 symptoms of contracting the birder's bug. I prescribe regular visits to my site and others shown as links in the bird and nature blog column if you have time!

Glad you look at birds in a different way. That happens!

GG said...

Don't even think of stopping bird blogging! You are doing a great job.

Maybe you should put in a bit more effort to time management so you can write your publications. (I know it's easier said than done)

But imagine what would have happened if David Attenborough decided to restrict himself to the 'naturalists circle' and not bring the wonders of nature to the normal person? We'd be missing out on such a lot!!

Margerie said...

You and your blog are treasures!

I wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors- middle road blogging and all.

Hope you have a nice trip!

Doug Taron said...

As a newcomer to your blog, I'm really happy that you are continuing to post. I really enjoy getting to see wildlife in a distant part of the world. Plyus, I'm always amazed by your photos.

Mississippi Nature said...

Good Morning from Mississippi! Hope you have a great week. Keep up the good work here!

chrome3d said...

Honest and funny text and great pics. I´m not usually that keen on bird-blogs but I like it if there is some real ideas behind it.

You can´t always do the same stuff over and over again, so it´s good to have some changes every now and then.

Tom said...

Fantastic shots.. You really have a blog with much interest I will have to make more time to get here moreoften.

Anonymous said...

These are such amazing shots. I especially love the owl... so lovely.

I've always loved birds, but have just begun a keen interest in birding. I've got my first identifier birding book & am getting ready to start learning.

Your blog is wonderful & am so pleased you keep with it!

Harshit Singhal said...

Hey I really liked the content in your blog..I enjoyed the excellent photos too that you have uploaded..The entire blog seems to be very interesting.

I am from a country very near to Sri Lanka , i.e. India.
I am also blogging about Birding observations and Bird behaviours ...My blog contains interesting Birding observations from all around the world and postings of Bird behaviour and Ecology that are sure to please and surprise one and all.

Amila Suwa said...

Hi Sasani,
No, I will not! Thanks as always for those words of encouragement! You are right – I should learn to be a good time manager.

I am working on an article as we speak – even though it is a non-birdie one. So, I have taken steps in the right direction…!

What you mentioned in that example is true. There ought to be people taking natural history to the masses. In that regard DA has done such a ginormous job!

Hi Margerie,
Thanks a lot! I am pleased to hear your comments.
Just back from a terrific rain forest trip with 2 Brits.

Hi Doug,
One of the joys of blogging to me is to meet people like you who are passionate about nature. I enjoy your blog and love to learn about your findings – which are utterly unfamiliar to me.

BTW, I photographed some good dragonflies over the last two days. Await details...

I saw the comments in your post about that water bird you needed me to identify.
It looks like my ID was right as it has been confirmed by several others. Have a great day!

Hi Chrome3d,
Thanks! I appreciate your comments.
Yes, a bit of change from my side is what I need now.

Hi Tom,
Thanks! I am pleased to hear that. I must say that you are doing a terrific job with Sky Watch Friday and I really enjoy participating in it whenever I have time. Have a good day!

p.s. I will try to join the Sky Watch tomorrow if possible.

Hi Lingovise,
Thanks! Getting your first field guide to birds is an important right of passage for bird watchers. I hope it will open new pages...!

Hi Harshit,
Thanks! I remember reading your posts in the OBC yahoo group.
Thanks again for the intro about your blog. I will explore it soon.

Mississippi Nature said...


Anonymous said...

Seeing pictures like the ones you shared here are one of the reasons that I continue READING bird blogs! Excellent thoughts on why birding and blogging are valuable! Thank you!

Maria said...

Thanks for coming over to my blog. I think your bird blog is very beautiful!
Have a nice weekend!

Tabib said...

I found your blog while serching for birds.
Great blog, may I put it in my Blog list?
Best regards,

Amila Suwa said...

Hi Liza,
Great to hear from you! Sorry I couldn't participate on the IATB you hosted. You have a great blog and I like your style of writing. I just added it to my blogroll.

Hi Maria,
Thanks a lot! I am pleased to hear your comments. You too have a lovely blog. Have a great day!

Hi Tabib,
Thanks a lot! Nice to hear from you. My first solo overseas birding tour was to Malaysia. I really loved your birds & natural history.

You have a blog that I can spent many hours at. I'd be delighted if you would add my blog to your blogroll. I have already added yours to mine. I will be back.

oldcrow61 said...

Fantastic photos. And may I say, thanks for the tips you've given me.

Amila Suwa said...

Hi OC,
Thanks and No Worries just as they say in Down Under! I am glad you found them useful. Look forward to seeing pics of new arrivals with my new tips...

Anonymous said...

Hi Amila,

I love your blog. It is my first visit and I like the layout, I enjoy your writing and the pictures are awesome! Not being familiar with birds in your part of the world, what kind of Owl is that in your post? I am a big fan or raptors, especially falcons and owls!

Amila Suwa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Amila Suwa said...

Hi Larry,
Thanks a lot! Great to hear from you!

This is a Brown Hawk Owl aka Brown Boobook Ninox scutulata.
It was photographed at my home garden. I too am a big fan of Owls!

You will be interested to know that BHO was recorded as a vagrant in North America at St Paul's Island in Aug-Sep, 2007!

Read this interesting account:

I visited your great blog and I liked it too. Thanks for silently adding me to your blogroll. I have reciprocated. I will be back.

p.s. I wrote an artcle about BHO sometime ago. You can read it here:

Anonymous said...

Hey Amila,
What a great story of the rare sighting in St. Paul's Island! I know I would have been driving like a crazy man to get some more folks to look at my mystery bird! Your article on the BHO was also excellent information. Thanks for sharing!

Amila Suwa said...

Hi Larry,
Vagrancy is such an amazing thing! He has narrated it nicely.
Glad you enjoyed it and my piece.

Larry said...

I think that a lot of bloggers start out with great enthusiasm at first. After a while some of the novelty wears off and you come to realize that it takes a lot of time and effort evento do a mediocre blog like mine.Just do it at a pace and level that works for you.-if you have the time and want to put time into it-then do it.If you need to slow down-then slow down. the beauty is that you can make your own rules.

Amila Suwa said...

Very true Larry.
Letting the blog revolove around you is the way to go.

p.s. I wouldn't call yours a mediocre one, no!

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