Friday, 23 May 2008

Sky Watch Friday

Sunset at Sinharaja 'World Heritage' rain forest, Sri Lanka. Sky Watch FridaySky Watch Friday Headquarters is at Wigger's World


Snap Catch said...

cool catch for SWF! mine's up too hope you can drop by..

FO - 2 said...

Lovely scene from Sri lanka! :)

TR Ryan said...

It's always so good to discover your blog again. I have long been a fan. The shot is stunning -- I can't take my eye off it. Congratulations on hosting I and the Bird - very well done.

Anonymous said...

This photo is stunning.
Very good.

Anonymous said...

amazing colors. wonderful view. well done

SandyCarlson said...

Your photos are very beautiful.

Unknown said...

A great picture..
Thank you very much for your comment and visit.
I love watching birds and from time to time I post pictures on my blogs and
I live in Toronto Canada a few steps from Lake Ontario.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to SWF !

Simply amazing skies !!!

♥ Stines hverdag said...

Wow! This is an amazing sunset! Thanks for sharing!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Amila: What a great SWF photo, yours is a beautiful part of the world.

Dancin Fool said...

I don't think I have ever seen a sunset look so clean and pure! Wonderful shot.

I have always wanted to visit Sri Lanka and have distant relatives there, your photo has reminded me it is a plan I should see through.

Thanks for the visit and have a great weekend.

EG CameraGirl said...

Beautiful sky and stunning silhouette.

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

That is just spectacular - you got it at just the right moment.

Kay said...

This is a truly gorgeous photo. What a beautiful place Sri Lanka is. You have a very wonderful, informative blog.

Tom said...

Wow a beautifully silhouetted shot.. picture perfect for Sky Watch..

Anne-Berit said...

That`s a gorgeous picture!

Tom said...

I just realised you were new to sky watch and came right back to say welcome my friend.. I hope you get many visits and enjoy the fun and friendship of sky watch


Quiet Paths said...

This is like a glimpse into another world. Wow.

Anonymous said...

Great Picture.

Rose said...


Nora said...

Congrats on your debut at Sky Watch Amila...I started last week!! All your pictures are like travel to me..I almost feel like I was there and I want to thank you for this wonderful journey you are taking us all on work very hard on your blog presentation and the English is always perfect..I am so happy to know this blogger!!!

Daniel J Santos said...

very beautiful colors, beautiful image.

Pernille said...

This photo is stunning!

Have a nice weekend:)

Marie said...

Stunning photo!

dot said...

Wow, that is a beautiful sky shot!

Carletta said...

What an awesome sky!

Chrissy said...

This is simply beautiful.

Max-e said...

This picture has a great atmosphere. I have been browsing through your posts and really enjoying them. Your pictures are really first class.
You have also opened my eyes to another side of your country. Whenever I think of Sri Lanka it centres on cricket - as our countries clash so often in the field. I must also confess that after South Africa, Sri Lanka is one of my favourite cricket teams.

Tom said...

Just called back to read through your comments and check how your Sky Watch went.. I am pleased to see you got many me I am sure they will be back to check out more of your superb work.


Amila Suwa said...

Hi snap catch,
Thanks for being my first Sky Watch visitor to comment. I will surely drop by in yours.

Hi ida,
Thanks, I am happy you liked it.

Hi Quinttarantino,
Thanks! Nice to hear from Portugal!

Hi T.R,
Thanks! I am pleased to hear that you have long been a fan of my blog! I too enjoy reading about your world travel and seeing all those fabulous pictures of places visited that I know I would not be able to visit! You are one lucky devil to have travelled to over 90 countries as part of your enviable job! I bet you have been to Sri Lanka too! I enjoyed hosting the IATB blog carnival and thanks you very much for your encouraging comments.

Hi Evlahos,
Thanks! Nice to hear from Greece!

Hi Sandy,
Thanks for dropping by. I am pleased to hear your comments.

Hi guild-rez,
Thanks for introducing your two blogs, which look great! Your country is blessed with some lovely birds. I look forward to exploring your blogs more in the future.

Hi Shubd,
Thanks a lot! I am glad you liked it.

Hi Stine,
Thanks a lot! I am happy you liked it.

Hi fishing guy,
Thanks! You are right; our country is rich in natural wealth given its small size. But then it is the same with your country too - dispersed over a massive area of course! Thanks for dropping by.

Hi Dancing-fool,
I am pleased to hear that my photo reminded you to visit Sri Lanka one day. Nice to know you have distant relatives here. I will be very happy to help you with ground arrangements when you decide to come here! You too have a great weekend!

Hi Your EG Tour Guide,
Thanks for your comments!

Hi Diane,
Thanks! Yes, I was at the right place at the right time to photograph this. I was quite tired after a long walk to the forst too!

Hi musings,
Thanks! You’re right; Sri Lanka is a beautiful country! I am glad to hear your comments about my blog. I look forward to exploring your wonderful blog soon…

Hi Tom,
Thanks for your comments! Great to hear from you! Yes this is my first Sky Watch and will not be the last! This is a wonderful carnival you have started! Thanks for coming back to check how I am doing. You’re a great host!

Hi Anne-berit,
Thanks! Say hello to Titti!

Hi Christine, (Quiet Paths),
Thanks a lot! I quite enjoyed your Sky Watch shot too. You have a lovely blog.

Hi Tommy,
Thanks a lot!

Hi Rose,
Thanks a lot!

Hi Ocean,
I saw that you making the Sky Watch debut last week and that is one good reason why I thought of participating in it.

Thank you very much for your very encouraging comments as always. They mean a lot to me! I too am a big fan of your blog and enjoy seeing all your lovely posts of British Columbia. Your recent Sky Watch photos are simply awesome! They look like paintings.

Hi Daniel,
Thanks! You have a superb blog and I look forward to explore it more. No wonder Ocean liked it too!

Hi Pernille's ting og tang,
Thanks! You too have a great weekend!

Hi Marie,
Thanks! Good to hear from you.

Hi Dot,
Thanks! I liked your Sky Watch photos.

Hi Carletta,
Thanks! I am glad to hear your comments.

Hi Chrisss,
Thanks! I hope you will have something cool for your Macro Monday!
I have been busy with Dragonflies over here.

Hi Max-e,
Thanks a lot! Great to hear your comments! I bet you are enjoying the IPL where South Africans are doing well. I still cringe in pain when I think of Brett Schultz causing havoc here in a Test series. None of our batsmen could come to terms with his superb swing bowling!

I am glad to hear that you after SA, support Sri Lanka in cricket! After Sri Lanka, I usually support the underdog, whoever it is. In the current SA team my favourite cricketer is AB - when he gets going he is pretty devastating! I quite enjoy your superb World Cup Champion Rugby team too. My favourite Springboks player is Brian Habana, who is simply awesome!

Mike said...

Beautiful and tropical looking!

Liz said...

Beautiful sky watch photo - I love color, light, silhouette...

Anonymous said...

Quite a beautiful sky!!
Have a great weekend!

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