Thursday, 8 May 2008

Birding Blog Carnival - Reminder

I And The Bird = #75 will be hosted here on 15 May. Please send your contributions to by 13 May. Thanks! Amila Salgado


Mel said...

I've never sent anything for the carnival... I don't think I can 'compete' with such wonderful bloggers :)

Gallicissa said...

All right then Mel, come back on 15May for the carnival.

Chrisss said...

Any rules I should know about? I've never participated before either.

Gallicissa said...

Hi Chirsss,

I and the Bird is a compendium of blog writing about wild birds and bird watching. So, all you have to do to join the carnival is send me a link of an appropriate post from your blog. It is that simple. Oh! and come back on the 15 May.

Gallicissa said...

Hi Chrisss,

Could you please drop me an e-mail to gallicissa AT gmail DOT com. I have some suggestions for you.

Texas Travelers said...

I'll say it again. Great job on the #75 Carnival.

Thanks for the recent visit of the Beetles Playing Rugby. It was a fun post.

We used to get a channel featuring Rugby games. It has gone away. I really miss it. The game has a lot of finesse. I don't think most Americans understand the game. Too bad.

Have a great week,

Gallicissa said...

Hi Troy,
Thanks again!
Glad to know that you like your Rugby!

Thanks to the British, we too have inherited a good local Club/School Rugby scene over here. My school St Peter's College is the reigning double-champions, having won the 'league' and the 'knock-out' tournament last year! Although cricket predominates in the media, the crowd turnaround in the domestic cricket matches is extremely poor in sharp contrast to local club/school rugby matches where you almost always have packed grounds!

You too have a great week!

I hope you will have time to take the quiz!!

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