Thursday, 1 November 2007

Orange Minivet in my home garden, 20 Mar, 2007.

Orange Minivet
I heard an Orange Minivet in my garden in Bomiriya (90210!), while I was working in my office. I at once rushed out to see a pair of them in one of the Jak Fruit trees. I was seeing this here after a lapse of nearly 10-12 years. It used to be a regular when I was schooling, but due to rampant development in the area its sightings declined to the point of none over the recent years. So it was nice to see it again after a long absence.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the picture. That is beautiful. Never seen one before.

Amila Suwa said...
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Amila Suwa said...

Thanks. It is commoner in well-wooded regions in the wet zone such as Kithulgala.

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